Beach Wedge

Save your back with a Beach Wedge!

beach-wedge-2[1]Beach wedge is a beach mat that turns into a sun lounge that can be adjusted to different recline levels.

This is a great product as it supports your lower back and makes laying or sitting on the sand very comfortable.

  • Beach Wedge allows you to relax on the beach and not have to support yourself on your elbows
  • If you have children you are able to keep an eye on them while they are in the water
  • Very lightweight which folds up and easily carried by the shoulder strap
  • Beach Wedge is also a beach bag and can fit items such as mobile phone, keys, magazine, sun screen etc.
  • Is quick dry and ideal for people travelling, it can easily fit into a suitcase, you never have to be without it
  • Also great for boating, camping and picnicking!