Kayak Seats


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Product Description

Adds a cushioned seat and backrest to a sit-on-top kayak

  • Straps with brass snap-hooks attach to your kayak’s tie down points
  • Semi-rigid backrest provides support
  • Adjustable straps allow you to customize the back recline
  • Flexible padded seat
  • Channelled cushions allow water drainage and air flow
  • Water-resistant neoprene fabric outside with EVA material inside
  • Strap Size Approximately 60cm (adjustable) x 3cm approx

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Attaching the Seat
Attach the seat to your kayak’s existing tie down points with the snap hooks. Connect the two bottom straps toward the rear of the kayak and the top two straps toward the front of the kayak. Tighten each strap so the seat is secure. The topfront straps can adjust the recline of the backrest to your comfort level.

Cost $70 free freight Aust wide